High-performance in-line installation of soybean texturate with CE

1. 14 years of experience in the production and export of food products.

2. Provide different product formulations.

3. Warranty for one year, long-term supply of spare parts at reduced prices.

4. Engineers on site installation and commissioning, training of technicians.

5. Provide a professional choice of equipment, technological process, consultations on the design of the plant.

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Product Details

The highly efficient in-line installation of soybean texturate with CE and the production line of soybean texture adopts the design of combined functional screws, production parameters can be controlled automatically and accurately. The product of the soybean texture machine has a strong sense of meat quality, good condition of fibers and high strength, which is preferred by manufacturers. The soybean texture in-line plant uses low-temperature soybean meal, peanut meal, corn gluten as the main raw material that can produce textured and muscle fiber proteins with a certain strength and viscosity. The soy texture line makes it possible to efficiently produce high-quality textured or fiber proteins.

Photos of the production line


Flowchart of the production line

Mixer--- Screw Conveyor---Twin Screw Extruder---Insury Conveyor ---Healting machine---Heating Machine


Product Photos


Technical parameter




installed capacity


165 kW

Real power

43 kW

103 kW








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