The Production of Puffy Snacks
2022/11/03 09:33

Puffed snacks production, usually in the starchy raw materials with a small amount of water after mixing, with an extruder continuous pressure heating (for example, 30 ~ 40 kg / cm2, 140 ℃), so that the raw materials from the nozzle extrusion, and make it swell quickly, and then cut off as needed, seasoning can be made. Puffed small food seasoning methods generally use seasoned vegetable oil spray, or sprayed vegetable oil and then sprinkled with seasoning solution, and then dried; there will be puffed small food first in vegetable oil impregnated, and then directly sprinkled with seasoning.

But with the above-mentioned seasoning methods made of puffed food, consumption are not enough to make people feel crunchy, sticky teeth and seasonings off and other shortcomings.

After spraying vegetable oil, the puffed food is dipped in bran paste, dried and made into a crispy product. As the seasoning penetrate into the food, so this puffed food chewing taste good, good flavor.