Main Parts of Puffing Machine
2022/11/03 09:52

The main components of the puffing machine

Screw: is the main component of the puffing machine, indicating that the parameters of the screw structure are diameter, pitch, root diameter, helix angle and blade cross-sectional structure. Extrusion parts of the length-diameter ratio and the clearance between the screw and the wall of the puffing cavity also has a great impact on the performance of the puffing machine.

Discharge die: is the final gate of the product through the puffing machine, he has a great impact on the shape, texture, density, appearance, characteristics and production capacity of the puffing machine.

Bearing box part mainly consists of bearing box body, spindle, bearings, bushings, left and right end caps, sealing rings, round nuts.

Oil filtering and cooling system mainly consists of oil pump, cooler, oil filter, valve, connecting fittings, etc.