The Function of Puffing Sinker Feed Equipment
2022/11/03 09:08

The puffed sinking feed equipment should meet the following functions.

1, The product maturation degree is not less than 90%, this maturation degree of the product has good stability in water and anti-solubility, feed efficiency is also very high.

2, Full tempering effect, improve the degree of maturation of the material in the temperer, reduce the mechanical energy intake of the extrusion part of the screw (can improve capacity), and as far as possible to advance its maturation area, to provide more space for the subsequent cooling and pressure reduction.

3, The appropriate length to diameter ratio, to ensure better mechanical energy intake of the material, and have enough space to cool down the pressure.

4, Suitable cooling mode, back to the type of waterway barrel cooling effect is better than the jacketed barrel, jacketed barrel cooling, to counter-current cooling, that is, low into high, to ensure that the cooling water in the jacket is full state, improve the cooling effect.

5, It can meet the commercial production requirements of long time continuous production.