1 Millimeter Expanded Aquatic Feed
2022/10/10 10:06

Processing of small pellet puffed aquafeed has extremely strict requirements for the fineness of the crushed raw materials. Theoretically speaking, the fineness of the crushed raw materials to 100% through the 60 mesh sieve, you can ensure the use of the die hole 1.0mm puffing machine can be normal production. However, practice has shown that such a crushing fineness for production, puffing machine after a period of operation, the die hole began to clog, the expansion coefficient of the particles will gradually become larger, while the puffed particles will become longer. When there are more die holes are blocked, when the speed of the cutter reaches the limit can not make the length of the puffed particles to meet the requirements, the final choice can only be stopped to clean the mold.

    So in order to be able to a long and stable production, it is recommended that the fineness of the crushed raw materials to reach 100% over 80 mesh sieve is better, the minimum should also reach 98% and the maximum particle size on the sieve shall not exceed 0.3mm. raw materials in such fineness to ensure the stable production of puffing machine for a long time, while raw materials due to the finer crushed, the appearance of puffed particles are also smoother and more beautiful.