Jinan Himax Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jinan Himax Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong, capital of Jinan, the company is committed to expanding food equipment, tissue protein drawing protein equipment, pet food equipment, as well as the development of experimental extrusion machines, development, and production. The company brings together a large number of long-term engagement in the industry's elite talent and business backbone, with excellent engineering and technical personnel and high-quality installation technicians, has a wealth of food machinery R & D and manufacturing experience. With a number of research institutes and colleges and universities to establish a close cooperative relationship with many international counterparts to maintain frequent technical exchanges and cooperation, with strong technical strength and improve the quality assurance system.

Himax in the production and operation activities, with advanced technology, strict management, excellent quality, perfect service to win the broad support of customers and highly praised, and establish a good image and reputation. Products spread all over the country, are exported to Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Mexico, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Algeria, Uzbekistan, and many in Asia, Africa, and South America countries.

Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, in the extrusion machines, double screw extruder, single screw extruder, breakfast cereals, instant food (corn flakes, nutrition powder production line, leisure (fried, sandwich) small food production line, pet feed, fish feed production line, tissue protein production machinery, modified starch production line, breadcrumbs production line, experimental double screw extrusion machine, recycling nutrient rice production line and packaging machinery industry gained the advantage of technology and market. May our products and services make you a great cause, and hope our sincerity and enthusiasm will be your forever friend.

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